Taking The Best Hikes

Everyone knows that this site is all about talking about some of the best hikes the world has to offer, and so far this site has for the most part been selecting one epic hike per each article and talking in deep depth about the particular hike and then moving on to the next article for the next hike, but this article is going to be very different and is actually going to focus on multiple hikes just so that you the reader can have an even larger list of great hikes around the world so that your bucket list doesn’t need to be limited to some of the coolest hikes in the world that may be out of reach or just not your style, so with this larger list in this last article you’ll have a much broader list of hikes that you can choose from and maybe, just maybe if you do one or a couple or maybe even a few of these hikes in your lifetime then you can safely say on your deathbed that you did some pretty epic hiking during your lifetime, and that’s really what matters because when you’re on your deathbed you’re only going to think about the best things that you did during your life and the great places that you went, and life is all about getting out and seeing the entire world because it’s here, we’re here and we need to learn to love where we are the fullest of our capabilities.

So the next of the bucket list hikes that is one of the best hikes in the entire world that is a part of our epic list is The Torres del Paine “W” Circuit that is located in Patagonia, Chile and is seriously an awesome place. Everyone who has money in America loves the Patagonia brand, so how cool would it be to actually go to Patagonia and do an epic adventure where you’ll actually need some warm clothes for as opposed to just being stylish? It would be crazy, that’s why it’s on here. It’s a 37 mile hike that takes about four to six days and is something that you’re going to want to do in the winter time due to Patagonia being as far south as you can possibly be before getting towards Antarctica.

Yosemite’s Grand Traverse is one of the next best hikes in the world, and of course that is located in California, United States, and Yosemite really is one of the coolest places in the United States that deserves all the credit that it gets, and it will live up to the hype that everyone gives it here in the United States. This hike is super strenuous and you’ll want to be overly prepared for anything and everything while in the backcountry in Yosemite, because this hike is 60 miles long and will take about a week to complete. You’re going to want to do this hike in the summer time too when the weather is nice.

The next great hike around the world has to be the Queen Charlotte Track in New Zealand, and I feel like anyone who’s ever watched the Lord of the Rings has always wanted to hike in New Zealand and why not? It’s a 44 mile hike and takes about 4 days and it doesn’t really matter what time of year you go because it’s New Zealand.

The next really awesome hike that will literally take you into some of the most epic part of the world and into some of the most beautiful, and treacherous jungles in the world is the Mountains of the Moon hike in the Ruwenzori Range of Uganda. You’ll be at high elevation all around really awesome mountains and you’ll also be with a bunch of elephants so how cool could it get out there? The answer is epically cool.

The last hike we are going to put on this list is one that is located throughout the European Alps, and the hike is called The Tour du Mont Blanc, and it’s over 100 miles long in its entirety and takes around 10 days to complete, which should be done in the summertime when it’s not so cold and snowy out there in the beauty of the coolest mountain range in the world.

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Get out in Nature

There’s just something about getting out in nature that makes everyone feel like the whole entire world is within you, that you are the universe inside the confines of a single human being and that anything is possible as long as your imagination can possibly put yourself in that situation, and that’s what the magic of Mother Nature possesses. There’s something very real and tangible that can be found out in the middle of the wilderness that can not be found in any city anywhere in the world, but it’s something that you can not really see or feel, but yet it still is tangible, and it still makes you feel like you are floating on a cloud even if you actually are on the edge of the clouds hiking at high elevations. It seems like there is a huge amount of people who are very into hiking and backpacking, and maybe that’s because REI has come around in recent years and now a lot of backpacking and hiking equipment is available at cheap prices in every city in America at their local shopping mall, but still even if REI has changed the landscape of all these outdoor activities by being a big box monopoly we’re all happy that we all can get out in nature and it feels great to be able to do so at a low cost.

Because if you really think about it, it actually may be a little bit expensive to plan out a backpacking trip that lasts over a week long, and a lot of the hikes on this website do entail treks that are longer than a week, so if you have to plan for that many days in the wilderness you’re going to need a certain amount of food for each day and it can get pretty tricky when you have a group of people, but for the most part you should try to pack as much of your own food as possible because food and some extra clothes and maybe a camera is all you’re going to need out in the middle of nowhere, and that will make you feel the most free you’ve ever been in many years, especially if you’ve been living your life just like everyone else and working at a dead beat job and not enjoying the world the way that it should be enjoyed.

It’s important to know that some of these hikes really are the biggest and most badass hikes in the world, and that’s exactly why they’ve made this list, and the next hike to make my list of best hikes in the world is the Pacific Crest Trail. This trail is by far one of the longest hikes known to man, and it actually is a really popular hike that many people have attempted, but only few have ever really gone the whole way, and a lot of that has to do with preparation. The trail at its entirety is over 2,500 miles long and will take even the most advanced hikers at least six months to complete, and you’re only going to want to do this by starting in early spring and ending in October or earlier because it’s just that tough and you don’t want to get stuck out on the trail in the middle of the winter.

But the Pacific Crest Trail has become very popular and there have even been some books written about personal experiences along their adventures on this epic trail across the west coast of America through all of California, Oregon and Washington. It’s one of the only best hikes in the world that just so happens to be in the United States, and it takes you through all sorts of different climates including the desert of southern California into the Sierra Nevadas, up into the green hills of Oregon and all the way through the thick forests of Washington up towards Seattle. It’s a long way no matter who you are, but if you complete it you’ll definitely have an experience that most people never get to have in life, and that’s something really special to hold onto no matter how far you go it’s just cool to get out there and do some of it so get out on the Pacific Crest Trail. What I always do before I go on big hiking trips is get a vitamin b12 shots from pure vitality just to make sure my immune system is through the roof.

Get in touch

Oh yeah, when it comes to being in shape and on top of the your game with all the ladies in the gym, you know the United States and a bunch of other hippy countries are all about getting out in nature while being with some babes and looking good and feeling good and being an all around gangster on the mountain slopes. We all can see that being in shape and exercising is a lot better than not being in shape and not exercising so it definitely makes a lot more sense to exercise and do things that will help you out physically and mentally and then you can start getting involved a little bit more sexually. But before you can get with any of the ladies and be your complete and best self you definitely need to be more in tune with your self emotionally and soulfully, and the best way to get in touch with yourself is by getting out in nature and getting sexual with mother nature herself. Once you get out in some real nature, and I mean real nature and not some national park or some state park where you are within walking distance of a parking lot, I mean really out there in the wilderness, then you can start to get this real sense of relaxation and meditation that only mother nature can provide. It’s kind of like a runner’s high but it’s for hikers, so I guess you could just call it a hiker’s high, and although it’s pretty well known that a lot of hikers do like to smoke weed and get high I am not actually talking about getting high on drugs, just to clarify, I am talking about getting high on the exercise, the actual movements of hiking up an extremely awesome trail.

So if you just so happen to be the type of person who is looking to get in touch with Mother Nature and really get out into the middle of the wilderness and tackle some of the best hikes that the world has to offer then you came to the right place because this entire website, including all the articles and blogs, are all dedicated to the best hiking trails in the world and describing what exactly makes these the hikes that you need to put on your bucket list. We’ve already taken you all over the globe to our other destinations, but the next destination for this hiking group is going to be the highest peak in the world, the one place everyone knows and wants to go. That’s right we are talking about the Everest Base Camp Trek. Now, let’s be honest this isn’t the hike all the way to the peak of Everest, although that would be really awesome to do that, but it pretty much is as high as you’ll get as a normal civilian at the peak of Everest’s base camp, and you’ll love it I just know you will from my own personal experience living in China. There’s a lot to learn out in this part of the world, and on this particular hike you’ll get a ton of experience seeing a bunch of small little villages and some really nice people that take in the foreign hikers and probably try to rip them off for one thing or another.

If you’re going to actually head to Nepal and do this 70 mile hike for over 16 days then you are going to want to go at the perfect time of year, and you must know tat if the weather does turn on you then you might be in some trouble because this is not the place to mess with that sexy Mama Nature. So if you are going to do this hike do it during March through May but never go during the winter, it will be just way too gnarly.

But it’s all worth it in the end because when you reach your destination you’ll be right in front of the world’s tallest peak, and that’s something really special for any hiker or person in general, and the fact that you would go so far and then see Everest is very unique and special.

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Healthy Hiking

Most Americans in the United States have some kind of integrity towards doing some type of exercise on a regular basis, and for a lot of people the way they exercise can vary in so many different ways and for different purposes, but for the most part everyone is working out and exercising simply so that they can remain healthy individuals and look and feel good. So let’s you are the type of person who really likes exercising and let’s also say that you’re the type of person who also likes to get really far out into nature and see parts of the world that are hard to get to because they are so far out there, well then you probably are a pretty good hiker who enjoys hiking around wherever it is you may be. The thing is a lot of people think that hiking is only meant for mountains, and for the most part it is, but it doesn’t always have to be up through mountains even though hiking in mountains is probably the most traditional method or general location in which hiking generally takes place.


So you’re a hiker and you think that you have come across some sort of bucket list for your life and that bucket list probably doesn’t only consist of places to go or things like that because it really could be anything that you just want to do before you kick the bucket and die, but if you are the type of person who wants to travel and see some extremely cool places before you kick the bucket and die then this particular blog and website is a great place to search because this website and blogs deal specifically with the best hikes all around the world, and some of these places are definitely where you need to go and some hikes that all experienced hikers should want to try to do before they die just so that they can have the experience of doing something that most humans never really ever get to do.


Sure, doing some of these expeditions costs a lot of money, but so does life in general and so does most people’s bucket list. It’s not something that you want to do when you’re an old man either, though, because these hikes are definitely really strenuous and you’ll want to be in tip top shape before you head out on some of the expeditions in this blog, but maybe you are the type of person who is old and tough and capable of doing some epic hikes, so whoever you are if you are interested in the best hikes in the whole world you have come to the right place.


The next hike that we are going to discuss is a really special mountain that is one of the biggest mountains in the entire world and has a great reputation for being the type of hike that everyone should do before dying, and that’s partly because it is in such a majestic place. We’re talking about Mount Kilimanjaro, which is located in Tanzania, Africa, and if that doesn’t sound extremely epic to you that I don’t know what will. Maybe the fact that it is roughly a 35 mile hike and takes at least seven days to complete sounds extremely epic, and that’s because it absolutely is really epic.

If you’re going to hike Kilimanjaro then you are going to want to go during some certain times of year, and for us in the United States the best time would probably be in the winter or early fall, like in months around January, February or in September. This is because in Africa the seasons are flipped just like the rest of the southern hemisphere of the world so you should know that when you are planning this very popular bucket list hike to the peak of Africa’s tallest peak. Mount Kilimanjaro definitely is a really great hike to put on the best hikes in the world because it meets the criteria of epicness that we like and it will be an extremely fun experience and challenge even for the most experienced hikers, so go out an enjoy Mount Kilimanjaro.







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sequoia   adventure hikes

Everyone really enjoys hiking, and that’s simply because it really is in human nature to want to get out and experience the natural vibrations of the earth that you can only really feel once you are exercising and seeing the world away from other humans and being just one with your surroundings in nature. It’s a beautiful feeling to be all alone on a trail and just experiencing the nature of the world for what it is, and it really doesn’t matter where you are because you’ll essentially get the same feeling anywhere that you go, but there are some places that are frankly more beautiful than others, and that’s why we want to discuss the very best hiking trails from around the world.

balch creek

What’s funny is that so many people talk about going to China, Asia, South America and other very far away places to go on epic hiking adventures of a lifetime, but for most people in the United States that type of adventure is just way too expensive and is impossible. Just because you don’t have a lot of money doesn’t mean that you can’t go for a really epic hiking adventure, and some of the best trails in the world are right here in the United States, and they are very beautiful and can offer someone an opportunity of a lifetime while they experience the beauty of America.


One of the more prominent hiking trails that should be on your bucket list that are located here in the United States is the Appalachian Trail, and it’s this trail that stretches all the way up the east coast from Georgia all they way up to Maine. It’s length in distance is over two thousand miles and it should pretty much take around 5 to 7 months to complete the whole trail, but still, it’s worth the adventure and you can learn a lot about yourself and the world if you go on such a bucket list adventure like the Appalachian Trail.

One thing that is really cool about this trail is that first of all it’s on the east coast and is extremely accessible for anyone who lives in the United States of America, but it also can be hiked pretty much all year round. Of course if you decide to be hiking during the winter or colder months, which is pretty much inevitable given the length of the trail, then you are going to experience some rather cold temperatures. But if you compare the temperatures of the Appalachian Trail to some of the other best hiking trails in the entire world you can see that the temperatures are actually rather temperate and this allows this trail to be legally hiked all the time no matter when you decide to go on your east coast adventure.

The mountains really are so beautiful and they really get cool looking once you get into the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina where the mountains blend into the sky. It’s there that you’ll be hiking along mountain ridges and on the peaks and then also dipping down deep into valleys and hiking near gorgeous rivers that will make you want to drink out of them, so you better have a water purifier or you’ll probably die out there to be honest.

The mountains only get bigger and bigger as you go through North Carolina and into Virginia, and of course when you go up further north you are going to experience colder temperatures, but in the summer Virginia is beautiful, and it’s one of the largest portions of this trail that leads up into a small sliver of Maryland and eventually into the mountains up in New York and other parts of the northeast like Vermont and New Hampshire. This is the area where the mountains start to get really big again and you can start to see some really spectacular views.

Robert Redford just came out with a movie recently about hiking the Appalachian Trail and he was an old man doing something to check off his bucket list, so this is something that anyone can really do if they really want to do it, and that’s super admirable if you complete the whole trail.



The Best Hiking Trails in the World

The best hiking trails in the world


There’s really something about getting out in nature and being away from all types of cities and people in general that resonates with all humans and helps them feel one with the earth like we really are supposed to feel. It’s funny how many of us don’t understand the energy fields of the earth and how long it has been since our consciousness levels sunk down to lower dimension than what humans lived at thousands of years ago when we knew better how the earth moved and we were more spiritual beings. But even though today we might not be as spiritual as we used to be a long time ago, humans today still have a desire to get out on trails and go hiking in some of the world’s best trails and most beautiful places in all of the world.


It’s hard to describe the feeling you get when you’re backpacking on a multiple day hike and camping along the way. It makes you feel like you don’t have any worries in the world, except the nature and earth itself becomes your problems when you get tired and need to hike four more miles to get to your next campsite, and it’s all up a steep mountain face. Hiking is funny because at times it can be the most painful experience that is extremely stressful on the body and other times it can be the most relaxing activity to do while being out in nature and experiencing all that the earth has to offer outside of the human populated cultures and our social constructs. Because when it really comes down to it when you are out on a trail and it’s just you and your companions and the earth that’s all you need and want, you don’t want to go back to the old ways and normal life of living in society because when you’re out of society you start to realize just how awesome it can be to get away from everyone and just be you with the planet. It’s a beautiful thing, and the it’s the main discussion of this blog that is all about the best hiking trails in the world.

Of course there is hiking all over the entire globe in all different respects, and technically you can hike anywhere in the world if you really want to, but this list of the best hiking trails are the bucket list type of trails that everyone should try to get to before they die so that they can say they did that and experience the hikes of a lifetime. Of course these trails are all very strenuous, but to see the earth you must adventure long distances, and doing it on foot is always going to be one of the coolest ways to travel.
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The first trail that we are going to discuss is the very famous Inca Trail that is located in the heart of the Andes Mountains in Peru that culminates with the spectacular ending of Machu Picchu in one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. By walking on foot from the city of Lima to Machu Picchu you will really experience what it was like way back when before the times of cars, and for the people of Peru this pilgrimage is sacred and is very respected for anyone who adventures the long 26 mile hike to get to the top of Machu Picchu. Of course this hike isn’t as long as some of the other hikes that we are going to discuss in this blog, but still it is a strenuous hike that takes you up steep mountains and through passes along a very ancient trail that thousands of years old at its origin.

hiking trails annaprunaSo if you are ever adventuring around Peru, which is an amazing place, you need to get packed up and go for the Inca Trail up to Machu Picchu, because it will be all worth it when you get to that beautiful location at the top of the mountains and see the ancient city of Peru the way that the Incas used to travel to and from their capital to their beloved mountain city of Machu Picchu.

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